Bali Green Sukabumi Stone


"Jade of Indonesia" Bali Green Sukabumi Stone, often referred to as the "Jade of Indonesia," is truly a gem among natural stones.  

Buy Bali Green Sukabumi. the best quality is all we at tropical bali natural stone will deliver we care about the standards expected for international projects.

sizes 10x10x1cm/10x20x1cm/15x15x1cm/20x20x1cm

Beyond its aesthetic qualities, it is celebrated for its durability and resistance to pool chemicals and temperature variations.

One of the most compelling attributes of  Sukabumi is its natural non-slip texture, which not only ensures safety for swimmers but also enhances tactile appeal. Its remarkable combination of beauty and functionality makes it an ideal choice for poolscapes.

sizes 10x10x1cm/10x20x1cm/15x15x1cm/20x20x1cm

known for its extraordinary beauty and exceptional qualities. When it comes to creating an exceptional pool experience. The choice of materials is pivotal. This product has become a popular choice among pool enthusiasts, designers, and architects alike.

It remains comfortable to the touch even under the blazing sun. Additionally,it is eco-friendly, as it naturally regulates the pool’s temperature, reducing the need for energy-consuming heating or cooling systems.

Renowned for its captivating greenish hue, which evokes memories of pristine waters in tropical paradises.

This natural stone boasts a unique shade that comes to life when it meets water. The visual effect it creates is nothing short of breathtaking, transforming any pool into a natural oasis that mirrors the beauty of alluring beaches.

bali green sukabumi pool tiles enhance your swimming pool with natural elegance.

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